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September 24, 2010


We really, really cannot link to this.

(Thanks to everybody on the entire Internet)


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i truly hope that she will not be hyphenating that moniker. lawd love a duck, their kids will be tormented. change both names, before it is too late!

Gee thanks, Dave. I didn't actually send it but thanks for the thanks.

Are they having Wang Chung at the wedding?

Sorry - got nothing.

Hmmm, he has a bachelors degree in political science and works as a mental health practitioner. Makes perfect sense. huh? got nothing else, either, Jeff

'She is a unit clerk...'

- just try 'n say 'TaraDeCock:Clerk' 5xs fast...

I didn't send it in either...butt, I would have. I was late to join the rest of the internet community. There's a hostage situation at a bank here in Coral Gables, Dave. Don't LEAVE home!!!

Sounds like either a criminal assault or a really interesting and fun evening.

UNIT clerk? Why, of course, she is.

It's nice that the law now allows Wangs and DeCocks to marry.

Tara Wang DeCock:
Left Morehead behind.

♫ Tara (nee Wang) DeCock
Let none her name now mock
Due to blog policy
We can't make fun, you see

Tara (nee Wang) DeCock
She'll come and clean your clock
If you should violate
Dave's very strict mandate ♪


Jeezely ... I sent this in! (Along with the rest of y'all, of course ...)

But nobuddy yet has said they've remembered the old joke with the punchline that made us fourth-grade boys snigger nastily, even tho we din't really understand whut it meant ...

" ... Far-GO! ... MoorHEAD! ... "

Dang, if none of y'all are old enuf to remember that one, that means I'm REALLY old!

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