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September 27, 2010


Of course, when the men came calling for the cash, station brass explained that the offer was a practical joke, just a wacky radio stunt.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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Wow. That's a whole different color of special.

Iowa - Land of inbreeding. And this guy is at the *top* of his gene pool?

And he had all his teeth pulled for an Orbit gum promotion.

On the inside of his head it says: "This space for rent"

Believing anything DJs say is an IQ test. Many people fail.

Well there's this country station -- WCED, "The Seed" -- offering cash if I get their logo tattooed on my scrotum; is that also a bad idea?

MS - yes, because you don't have enough room.

Listen, he's being about as useful as could possibly be, so give him a break. And don't forget he gets a cookie every two hours.

And, um, what is that coming out of the right side of his neck??

PLUS, he got to experience something like this.

Eeek! Dr. Frankenstein put the screws in the wrong place.

*wonders how Annie knows the size of Sharkie's scrotum*

The water was cold!

Enough about the tattoo, but why is he green?

You told me, Siouxie. You probably forgot because you were unboxing some wine. :)

Musta been that time at the kilt bar. Sharkie?? were you wearing one? I forgets.

Boy, I have a newfound respect for people who get tatoos (MTB's link above...the horrors). I bet our friend above had teeth before his forehead tatoo. He probably screamed them out.

Dumbass lumpkin. Failed to think before he inked.

Yeah, model cop is on.

Yes, at the kilt bar. Sharkie was wearing one, at least for a little while.

Another genius.


and siouxie, when were you at a kilt bar and i wasn't invited? i'm horribly miffed...

Separated at birth?

Sharkie, got any pictures?


nora, I believe you were there the last time *I* was. You may have forgotten Sharkie's kilt as well. Alcohol was involved.

Kilts. Drinkage. The horribly muffed miffed. And you won't remember it, so it's always fresh.

That's why we calls it Today’s Best Variety!

Meanie...The resemblance struck me too.

Although the potato seems a bit more urbane...

"MS - yes, because you don't have enough room"

Annie WBH...you are not only a beautiful woman, but you also have a keen wit...I could not have said it better...

I had a kilt, but then the manager informed me it was not headgear.

Loved Meanie's "Worst Tattoo Customer Ever" video.


cannot get any more stupido. what a maroon.

Visible tattoos are nature's way of identifying people who don't want steady, paying jobs.

The potato can get a job.

What I want to know is how mtb found that priceless bit of Americana. Sure to be in the Smithsonian Collection of MyFaceSpaceTubeYouBook snippets.

btw, I believe the thing around his neck is a tracheotomy collar.

Maybe he can run for public office as the Seed Party candidate.

I had to have it so I hatched a plan, Lara came over after work and I had set the mood perfectly, I ran her a bath with oils and filled the bathroom and bedroom with candles, her favourite champagne chilling in the fridge. She grinned at me when I handed her the champagne and told her to get in the bath.
And it grated.

"Wow, I would love to have been there. So what happened?"
Joanne screamed again, then managed to twist her head to see that he had indeed left the portable handset on the bed beside her head. "I can't believe I'm doing this," she muttered as she pushed her upper body up onto her elbows and grasped the phone, dialling her home number. It rang for a bit, then the bleary voice of her husband answered.

As she began to buck back against him, her pussy shivering around his dick in orgasm, Rob was reluctant to pull out but he knew what he really wanted. Pulling out... a slight shift... and she howled as her orgasm was split by the painful pleasure of her ass being opened up by an angry dick. Wendy squealed as her body took him into her tighter hole, a fast hard thrust that knocked the wind out of her and made her tighten down on him even more. They both groaned and panted, her ass rippling around him as she continued to orgasm through his onslaught; he began thrusting slickly in and out of her ass, her insides burned and cramped but it just pushed her orgasm higher.
“Ohh yeah Cathy.” Tracy’s eyes closed as Cathy nursed on her. Cathy was not sure what to do but she relaxed and let go. Her hands slid up Tracy’s body and across her bare skin. She began to explore as she moved from nipple to nipple. Her hands ran freely across her stomach and arms. Gliding over her back and neck down to her breasts. It was Tracy’s turn to squirm.

According to the guidelines from Monash University
Pittsburgh, in joint action with Mellon Bank Corp., also in Pittsburgh, is

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