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September 29, 2010


Police said a district judge from Intercourse, Pa., hid condoms inside acorns and handed them out to women in the state Capitol complex last week.

(Thanks to Woozy Barnes)


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Sorry, this just boggles the mind too much. A judge?? from Intercourse PA???? acorns?? condoms.
ohhhh my head.

*Hands ofg a bottle of Chilledrin™*

Well, clearly they were intended to curtail the squirrel population.

Nuts is nuts.

That's gotta hurt.


From tiny acorns do mighty oaks grow.

What's the big deal? The judge just used condoms so he wouldn't spill his seeds.

He had condoms tucked inside his nuts? Did he learn that in prison?

wait, how did he get a condom in an acorn? and why didn't he pass them out to the men?

Because men already have a sack full of nuts.

I can't describe crazy, but I know it when I see it.

MOM! Veee broke the blog again!!!!

*so dizzy*

A bit more detail, please. Did this take place in north or south Intercourse?

awe, crap!

or should I say, NUTS!!!!!!!!


I'm okay with leaning right.

PREVIEW is your friend. Really ;P

If the acorns got planted would they grow into a rubber tree?

Some poor squirrel is gonna take that acorn home and be in for a surprise. Maybe he'll make a teeny rubber suit out of it so he doesn't get zapped by power lines anymore.

How does one hide a condom inside an acorn, exactly?

ohhhhhhhh...thanks siouxie, thanks annie for fixing board

The judge must use really small condoms.....I wonder if the crime is a misdeweanor.

Is that an acorn in your pocket or are you just nuts?

The prosecution is going to have to prove that the acorns were hazardous.

To squirrels?

*blames the squirrels*

GOTTA be small condoms.

Is "disorderly conduct" police code for "dude, that's just weird, we're gonna cuff you now"?

The story cited does little to answer many questions. But it does highlight BAD journalism: A judge is not jurist. A jurist is a person on a jury. A judge is not
part of the jury, he or she is the judge!

A more insightful version is here

Key quote: Police say Stoltzfus, who lives and works in Intercourse, told them it was just a joke.

So thats what judges do when not in the courtroom--
livng and working in Intercourse?

This the part where the Tonight Show and Late Night monologue joke writers give thanks for the bounty they have received.

Makes sense to me... from acorns grow mights oaks, and everyone knos that oaks are hard wood....

Jimmy cap that 'corn.

Or - Jimmy capped 'corn. I don't care. Sounds better.

Did you know that it is only 290 miles from Intercourse to Norfolk?

I believe that I just had a Saturday Night Live flashback to that skit, circa 1978. Does that qualify as my Senior Moment for the day?

Anyway, I'm PirateBoy and you're not.
(Falls off chair)

Just what would the squirrels say as they bit into an acorn and found a condom?

^ "tastes alittle rubbery"

There was a crossroads/town near where we used to live. It was called "Climax KY". I always wondered if the same people founded both towns.
Fun people.

Pennsylvania is challenging Florida as the 'weird news' state lately.

I used to testify regularly in front of a judge who always had a large glass of water on his desk. Only me, his clerk and the court reporter were aware that the "water" was vodka. His decisions prior to noon were OK, but in the afternoons, pretty much anything could happen.

He was finally dismissed when a sheriff found him in a "compromising" position on his desk with a secretary.

Ahhh...the old days....good times...good times...

A judge is too a jurist. Hmmph.

Make Intercourse Safe !

A judge is a jurist. A jury member is a juror.

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