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September 19, 2010




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Hoist t'Pirate Flag!

*gives Polly a cracker and drinks a swig of rum* Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day y'all. Arrrrrrr!

I really deserve to be first for this one! A day, all about me!

NurseCindy, Souxie, and all the other Bloglets, today is *my* day! Can we start with gourmet chocolates and fine wine, please?

Not a Cab, today I need a Marrrghlot!

Well Shiver me timbers! I din't miss it! Arrrrrr...avast me hearties! Those who arrrrre agin us will be forced to walk the plank come the break of day! Now, hoist the Jolly Roger and pass the rum!!!

In a jiffy, A'll be splicin' da main brace an' enjoyin' a bit o' grog an' a haunch wit some mates. Arrrrr! Life be good on da 7 seas.

Team Pirate salutes ye, Dave. We wouldn't be where we are without your support.

After today, maybe we can pressure the United Nations to mandate an International Talk Like Duff Man Day.

Arrrrrr ye scurvy dogs...I be driving me wench (wife) crazy again this year. Only a short year ago the wench promised to keel haul me if I did it again....arrrrrr...I be planning to make the wench shiver me timbers, adjust the mainsail and ascend to the foc'sul....ARRRRRR....

(and then I'll buy her shoes, chocolate and beg forgiveness for the next month or so)


ARRRRR..... Happy Pirates Day!


Avast there, PirateBoy! It's Cheryl The Galley Wench who should be a'cooking for the blog.


oooooo! I've got one:
'Save the Bunnies!!!!!'



*harrrrrre flip*

- paris

arrrrrrr me hearties!!

'To help promote this important cause, I have decided to seek the endorsement of famous celebrities...'
-Dave Barrrrrrry, 2002

'Unshackle me ankle & parrrrrrrrrrrrdon me!'

-lindsay lohan, 2010

AYE ya scallywags! Ye be havin' a good marrrrrrrrrrrnin' now and don't anyone be thinkin' 'bout gettin' near me grog or I'll have to swarrrrrrsh yer buckles with me macheteswarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrd! Where be the ship's wenchboy? Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrolando???

Awk. Sqwauk. Talk like a parrot day. Talk like a parrot day.

That parrot 'as snuffed it, mate.

Ahoy Cap'n Barrybeard! Ye always be one to employ an economy o' words! ARRRR! Back at ye!

-Cap'n Slappy

Avast, ye barrrrnacly lot. Permission to boarrrd the blog?

*SMACKS* Horrrrrrrace with a plastic parrrrrrrrot!

HARRRRRRRRR!! If any of ya scurrrrvy dogs be on Facebook, ye can switch to pirrrrrrrrrate tongue!


Here ye be PirateBoy.

My stepbrother's wife is a cousin of Cap'n Slappy (aka Mark Summers). That's only 3 degrees of separation! Arrrr!

AAAAaaaaarrrrrrgghhhh - ark - coff..... um .. Which o' yuz scalliwaggs tossed thaaat paaaaarrrrrrot this a-ways??

Arrrrrgh, yadda yadda, arrrgh...that be a fine mizzen mast ye be foistin' this day, Barry. Must be in a jolly fine mood. Arrrrgh, etc., etc.

Arrrrrgh, yadda yadda, arrrgh...that be a fine mizzen mast ye be foistin' this day, Barry. Must be in a jolly fine mood. Arrrrgh, etc., etc.

Avast thar! A happy Talk Like a Pirate Day to the lot of ye scurvy lads and asses! From al of us at Team Pirate

Scurvy swabs all, raise a flagon to Robert Newton, without whom Piratonics would never have been born.

And can any of you chaps tell me where I can download some unlicensed copies of copyrighted material?
AWK! Talk like a parrot. Talk like a parrot.

Big pirate hug for Dave today, arrrghhh....

Very arrrrrrtistic picture ye got there, Annie!

Aarrrgh, whut gives Cap'n Ridley Mouse Ears, Annie??


That be all.


Here's hoping that Ol' Chumbucket accidentally left out an 'L' up there otherwise I will be inclined to permanently buckle his swash.

Yaaargh. An' I thought Walter was the mizzen mast.


Ahoy, Pirate Cap’n in the Sky Sea
Bounty Hunter is yer Name
Yer Kingdom come, yer swashbucklin’ be done
In Davy Jones’ Locker, on land, and on sea
Give us blaggarts our belly timber,
Grant us buccaneers a King’s Pardon on our plunderings
And we mighten release them scallywags as has hornswaggled us
A calm of conscience come athwart our stomachs
Aye! Bare up the helm for home
For it be yer Ocean, yer Port,
Yer Quarter to keep us from Davy’s grip.
Ho! Blimey.

Arrrrrrrrrr, and a great day it is to be talkin' like a pirate! Shiver me timbers an' best o' wishes t'all ' ya scoundrels!

Arrrrrrrrrr, and a great day it is to be talkin' like a pirate! Shiver me timbers an' best o' wishes t'all o' ya scoundrels!

On Fox Soccer Channel's "Super Sunday Plus" show, the host Miles Costigan started off the show by saying something like "We hope to bring you all the swashbuckling action from this weekend's matches."

Yarrrrgh, and blow me the vulvazulus!

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