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September 29, 2010


Snooki Writing A Novel!

(Thanks to Mark Schlesigner)


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Doesn't she have to read one first?

She tweeted earlier this year that she read her first book. New sources indicate the book was Nicholas Sparks "Dear John" -- although I didn't verify the spelling of the author or whether or not the author is admitting creating the book Snooki read.

I pity the poor ghostwriter. Is it Dave?

The apocalypse is so here, yo.

Myabe someone can read it to her someday.

Myabe it's a picture book ;P

It takes a lot of paper to write a book with crayolas.

especially those really BIG crayolas.....

Chapta won:

See Snooki. See Snooki drink. See Snooki fall.

Dave should write a book, not Snooki.

Maybe if we all just ignore her, she'll go away.

What does Snooki put behind her ears to attract men?

Her legs!

Just a sad statement about our real reality. This person could poop into a folded napkin and people would $uy it. Just sad.

Dave, you forgot to put novel in quotes. *eyeroll*

Anyone who hangs out with a person who goes by the moniker "The Situation" (which WBAGNF nothing!!!) is not worth my time.

Is it a pop-up book? Maybe it will be nominated for a Pee-yew-lizter.

Hasn't it been fifteen minutes yet?

*SNORK* @ Annie

I still can't get past, "Snooki’s first foyer into the literary world..." Is she pretending to be an author or an architect?

... she CAN read?

That hasn't been established Kibby. She claims to have read two books.

That brain? Writing? That's novel.

Will this make her eligible to join the RBR's?

Good question, cindy!

Ask Mr. Language Person.

the question is - who wants to read said book?? their 15 minutes is definitely up.

Jeff and cindy, if that were to come to pass, I would demand a refund in advance.

I've never used the phrase "my fans", with good cause. One has to wonder about the ego involved.
However, introspection is probably not her finest point. I believe her finest point is under her wig.

I can't help it. I look at these articles and ones about Paris and Lindsay Lohan. It's kind of like watching a train wreck. You don't want to see it, but you can't turn away. You have to see what happens next.

mike: my question exactly. what kind of writer doesn't correct that kind of egregious error after DAYS of (presumably) knowing it's wrong? doesn't he or she have an editor? sigh. and THIS is the world of information that newspapers are being given up in favor of...

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