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September 29, 2010


Property developer Cameron Hope has bricked up the front door of a Barclays branch in Bournemouth after being turned down for a business loan.

(Thanks to Steve [The Other Steve] Lancaster)


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No loan for you!

Wow. Over here, those guys would be taken out by a SWAT team before they got the first cement block in place.

When trowels are outlawed... etc.

Wonder if they could brick up congress?

Forget Congress. With all the hot air in there, if it were at all airtight, there'd be an explosion of cosmic proportions.

A nice PR stunt, but the blockheads used no mortar.

Saw that Ralphie. Wonder if their last project fell down convincing the bank NOT TO GIVE THEM A LOAN.

Is that how Wall Street got its name?

We who live in the DC area appreciate the variety of people being sent here. You are being too generous. Please. Stop.

Now brick up the windows, all of them.

LOL...never ends...


Where's the Big Bad Wolf when you need him?

I absolutely love this guy. Send him to Washington, or Ottawa.

siouxie, he got distracted by the giant beaver

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