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September 23, 2010


(Thanks to RussellMc)


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hope they catch the perv -
then he'll learn aaaaalll about '- saurasses' in jail

I'll bet he was saur afterwards.

Picnic tables, dinosaurs...I'm guessing these guys don't really understand the concept of "playground."

Rex him? Durn near made him extinct.

No, no, no. I said "Jurassic Park"!

Your ass is parked, Meanie?

Mmm K.

bwahhhha. prevert.

LOL sandy - Bubbasaurus gonna like him.

"What are you in for?"

"Sexual assault...on a dinosaur."

"Check please!"

hit 'im wit da zuchinni!

Maybe he was a time traveler, practicing taking their temperatures rectally, and got carried away. He was saved by the police from trying it on a real T-Rex.

Even worse, it was a lesbian dinosaur -- the likalottapus.

I love you...you love me

Dino*SNORK* @ layzeeboy!

"Barney! No means no!"

*snork* @ Layzee.

Next time, a ménage a triceratops.

Hey, a couple of my old girlfriends tried to make ME extinct! Except I don't think they wanted to have sex with me afterwards. I mighta been ok with it if they had.

Good one Layzee. Tell us more, padraig? I'm sure you were perfectly innocent.

Maybe that was why Fred Flintstone was always saying yabba dabba do. ?

Could this be the picnic table perv? Probably got tired of the splinters.

Unrequited love from a bronte-saurus.

Hole lotta luv.

There is nothing funny about reptile dysfunction.

I guess you would call that Tyrannasaurus Sex.

Sex with a dinosaur? I would be just petrified.

(*SNORK@ Layzeecaveboy*)

And he thought he had her raptor 'round his little um, finger.

Didn't he recognize Nancy Pelosi?

Why do they call it 'bestiality'? Is it really the best? Siouxie?

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