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September 13, 2010


Britain's first 3D billboard.

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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curses! foiled by the office nanny. said "intimate apparel / swimwear, too. damn.

Great. I got the Sun logo and a blank screen.

Don't worry, mud. Your nanny saved you from viewing some nasty 3-D moobs.

OK - got it.

The first 100 readers to ring Wonderbra on 020 7101 7887 will get a free pair of limited edition Full Effect 3-DD glasses. Leave your name and address.

Good thing I keep 3-D glasses at work for just this sort of emergency...Mmm, beautiful!

This ad campaign seems like a bust.

Her lovely lady bumps.


In your face advertising.

I'm not sure that driving while wearing 3-D glasses is such a good idea. I've said it before and I'll say it again. If you've seen one boob you've seen them all. Men.

All men are boobs what?

Just more 3D speed bumps.

cindy, in the words of Ron White, "Once you've seen one woman naked you wanna see 'em all naked."

I found out that if you stare at this ad for a long time without the glasses you get a headache . . .

"O'er the r-a-M-PARTS we watched!"

I found out that if my boyfriend stares at this ad for a long time I give him a headache.

How far away can 3D viewing windshields be?

(Wind screens for our British friends.)

We had a minor uproar here because a steak house put up billboards which actually gave out an aroma of steak on the grill. PETA, of course, had a fit. I thought it was a neat idea. They weren't cooking actual cows behind the billboard! btw, Allen at Division??? Someday you're going to type something into search and your computer is going to explode. I would love to see your hard drive. I mean that in a clean way.

I gotcher hard drive right here, Cindy!...

*SMACKS* A at D. I meant that in a clean way.

Benny Hill would be proud.

Bra helps boobs drop 10 years. That's a long way to drop.

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