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September 29, 2010


Space beer headed for zero-gravity bar

(Thanks to Allen at Divison)


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What about the space pretzels!?!

Now they need to be sure they have an approved high volume space pot to dispose of the recycled beer.

Talk about your niche marketing!

Henceforth, all astronauts shall be named Buzz.

Space great - less feeling!

*snorks* @ Meanie and Annie!

There's gonna need a bigger terlet.

um..which is basically what oldfatguy said, only earlier.

Coke did this same thing years ago....they forgot that coke makes you burp...because of the lack of gravity the gas in you does not work its way to the top (there is no up in space) so anything above the gas bubble comes out too....is space no one can hear you burp..

Gravity isn't allowed in bars.

All that carbonation inside a spacesuit sounds like a bad idea.

ooh, surplus - you mean they had burps with shrapnel? sounds like a tweenaged boy's ideal flirting technique...

when oldfatguy said space pot i thought something entirely different

Of COURSE space beer was developed in a town called "Manly".

Astronaut 1: "Hey! Pull my finger!"

Astronaut 1: "OOPS! That's gonna leave a stain!"

Several beers later . . . .
"Heeey Housston down there, hold ma beer and watch me drive this buggy. Lesssgo make sum circles roun Uranus!
Bwaaahhahaha, I said Uranus! I wunner what this here button does?"

Slash from Guns n' Roses? Hes fucking sick haha. . You honestly sound like an angsty kid? who "hates" your parents so you're trying to act all hard...nice one kid. Also, *YOU'RE hopeless. Way to make yourself look like even more of a dipshit, youre not even worth the amusement, latris on the menjay!

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