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September 25, 2010


Down here, we call this "passing."


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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35-year-old Gabriele Bayer, from Sittensen, apparently misjudged the amount of slip road she had available to her

Ya think?

*yawn* Amateur.

Down here, we would have "made" it.

Next time she should let the 78 year old mother or one of the kids drive. They could probably do a better job.

Alcohol may have been a factor but, surprisingly, no one fired a shot...

I love that Miami tourist slogan of yours, Dave- "We weren't shooting at YOU"

However,lane changes may be dangerous..they are in MPLS too

No, no, when they say "merge", they mean the LANES.

*snork* @ KJP

She had a pressing engagement.

Rubbin' is racin'.

But, it's just a scratch.

Some folks just have a knack(wurst) for parallel parking.

No doubt she'll sue the trucking company & driver, not to mention the German DOT.

A Saloon car???

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