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August 30, 2010


It's a wild town.


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I was at a zoo in Colorado when an elephant was walking down a footpath. I held my ground with the stroller I was pushing since I believed with all my heart that I had the right-of-way.

A predator like that, however, would scare the apostrophes out of me.

Tiger? nah..I, personally prefer the cougar hangout exhibit.

Which reminds me...judi? nora? suzy? ec? time for another get together.

Ah, just the story I needed to brighten my day. Funny stuff.

Love the column, Dave!!

Anyone else hope that someone said "Their GRRRREAT!"

Sorry... They're... although I guess the other might apply as well.

So the tiger penalized the ape for being off sides? It sounds like the Gibbon's Decline and Fall from the Roaming Umpire.

This being Miami, why didn't the tiger have a gun?

So that's what happened to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. He came back as a tiger.

Elon, I'm pretty sure "Killer" Whale has a gun.

Go Lolita! Be free! Have dinner!

Just a side note, on another website a person stated they understood Tiger got divorced so why did he need to escape?
Oh well for what it is worth.

Lolita the killer whale is loose in the parking lot...

Isn't the politically correct term "orca"? Tsk, tsk...and by "loose" do you mean "floozy-like" or "Siouxie-ish"?

When will Dave's new apology-to-Miami column be available?

...and by "loose" do you mean "floozy-like" or "Siouxie-ish"?

annie: maybe he meant 'chinstrap penguin-ish...'

That's nothing. We just got back from DC, where the politicians were (thankfully) on vacation but the place was overrun by Glenn Beck & his thundering horde followers, as well as Al Sharpton and his.

*drinks doubles*

Thanks Annie. Now I have a mental picture of a killer whale in a parking lot with strappy alligator shoes, matching handbag, and a come hither look on their face.

Again, nursecindy?
I mentioned the following on this blog ages ago, so if I repeat myself I repeat myself.

As a child on a farm in upstate NY, our cows used to escape all the time. Since they were basically pets, they were not afraid of anyone and therefore a royal pain to catch. They usually scheduled their jailbreaks around 3 am. Ever try to spot a black Angus cow on a moonless night? We would listen for the sound of grass being munched.

They would often head for the tall grass near the local snake farm. My mom would apologize to the snake farm owner for our cows getting out, to which he'd reply, "That's ok. I have the same problem with my snakes."

And all 4 of us kids would come flying the heck outta the tall grass.

Snake farm?

If I go to Ithaca, I'm going armed.

Snake farm? Is that anything like a spaghetti farm? 10 feet wide and a mile long.

The previous blog post about this incident didn't mention the gibbon. Got bit on his little gibbous moon.

*snork @ "gibbous moon".* '

Snake Farm opened for Aerosmith, I believe. Or was that Gibbous Moon?

Or Baboon Gumbo?

Every once in a while I open an article, like I just did on this one, and I go into Miami Herald Member hell. I have, at least once if not more, filled out all of the requested info, and always wind right back on the page asking for the info, until finally I give up on reading the article, which I just did.

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