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August 19, 2010


Police in southern Shenzhen City confirmed a patient's claim that her anus had been sewn by a midwife suspected of taking revenge during the patient's labor because she failed to receive a good tip.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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NEVER call the midwife a giant a$$hole!

The midwife was pissed at the pay cut.
So she took it out on the new mom's butt.
First she fake-fixed a 'roid,
but still was annoyed,
So she then sewed her asshole quite shut.

It's never a good idea to pi$$ off your nurse either. Not that I would do anything for revenge.

Makes my own butt pucker. Ouch.

Did everything come out all right in the end?

i would not want to serve on the jury for that lawsuit. imagine the evidence... (shudders)

No pictures? Shoddy reporting.

We gotta tip the midwife now?? What? you think I got money coming outta my as...oh wait...

One more thing: always tip the mohel in advance.

You always tip your in-home medical service provider. I, myself, left a giant tip for my mohel.

Nice simul-snip, Jeff.

*snork* at y'all

I thought the mohel did the "tipping" part?

I've been laughing at all the posts and I don't even know what a mohel is.

Jeff and WVplantman I've always heard that mohel's only work for tips.

LeDud, a mohel is a man with a briskit.

*snork* @ NotSherly. Never heard that one.

The only bright side I can see to this story is that it happened far, far away from where I live...

bris-kit....just got that one. Delayed SNORK @ Don'tCallMeSherly.

And, girls, remember, the technical term for that procedure is an Oughta Appease Me.

*being on the West Coast sucks on this blog 'cause all the good lines are already taken. Can't wait to get home back east*

She didn't tip? Geez, and they thought she was a tight ass before.

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