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August 25, 2010


Council builds £190,000 bridges for mice

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and [it goes without saying] catmanmax))


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I suppose the instruction signs on how to access the bridge will be in Welsh, about as understandable to most as dormouse.

Heres the BBC version of the story.

Dormice are not mice; they live in trees and are endangered in the UK.

The Council needs to build a treacle well next.

They should have spent that money on driving schools. Those crazy people are driving on the wrong side of the road.

It's SO cute.

Nursecindy - that was my thought exactly.

I'm wondering inf anyone's informed the dormice that they need to start using the bridges.

Also, Andrew Morgan and his South Wales Dormice wbagnfarb.

From the Beeb:
"Newts, toads and slow worms have also been given new ponds along the £90m route, which is due to open next month."

Slow worms and newts and toads, oh my!

*Geezer flashback*

When logic and proportion
Have fallen sloppy dead
And the planners are talking nonsense
And the Council's off their meds
Remember what the dormouse said:

Bridge, go ahead
Bridge, go ahead

We're gonna need a bigger bridge

... !

Holy Sh!t, Steve H.!


*crosses Bradford off ANY list*

No truth to the rumor that Bridge For Mice will be the next Tom Cruise movie, as far as we know.

A possibly related mouse story... (NSFW language)

Y'all ought to see the squirrels we got here in Texas.

I guess it's true that everything is bigger in Texas, bonmot.

I swear I've seen rats as big as Steve's post... it was in the Combat Zone in Boston, before Chinatown actually made the place cleaner.

LMGTFY found this on google:

Dormice are small rodents with soft, orange-brown fur and long tails of a similar colour which are furred all over. They are such attractive animals that many people would like to be able to watch them but because they are almost entirely nocturnal this presents a challenge to observers.
The main chance of seeing one would be at twilight when many changes are taking place. For almost all birds it is time to go to roost and to finish the day's activities but for many animals it is the reverse: they are beginning their main spell of activity.

THANK GOODNESS! We won't have to look so blinking hard for them now. Just hang out under a "bridge" and there they are! Such progress!

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