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August 23, 2010


...is click here.


(Thanks to Pat Myers)


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Dang it ... site is blocked. Someone care to describe, peez?

I may be wrong, but I feel that the women interested in this service are the same ones my wife ran into at a breast-feeding group. Some were still feeding "snacks" to their school-aged children.
I'm certain those kids are in therapy now.

Well, you tried to warn us.

MOTW, you do NOT want to know.

It's describing this woman's "placenta service."

If you do want to know (WARNING - ick factor involved):

My basic placenta services package includes:

~ Placenta Encapsulation ~
~ Placenta Tincture ~
~ Placenta Prints ~
~ Umbilical Heart or Spiral Keepsake ~
~ Complete Information on Usage and Dosing ~
~ Phone and Email Support for Hospital Placenta Release ~

ahem, erm - tnx, Jeff. >smooch< My blog-knight hath spared my delicate demeanor.

Gaaaaah. (I'd say "Ack!", but Cathy is no more...)

"Large Placenta Prints ~ Suitable for framing"

Kind of sells itself, doesn't it?

Thanks for the details, Jeff. I thought 'service' would be flush, new filter, and oil. 20-pt lube extra.

The worst part of the whole child-birthing experience was getting the wife to eat the after-birth.

NEW! Placenta Helper! Comes in four great flavors!

People asked us if we were going to film the delivery.

I said, "We filmed the conception; isn't that enough?"

Lots of animals eat it, for a bunch of logical but gross reasons. Frame it? Not so much.

Wait...she offers additional "alternative" services too???

I'm trying to imagine what those might be, but my brain keeps crashing.

You've got to admire someone who can make a living selling you something that you created and spent nine months dying to get rid of.

No. I do not.

Remember this tag?


Booger... oh wait, it IS like booger yuck

Hmm, Umbilical heart or spiral keepsake. Yessiree that's just what I've been looking for to hang on the rear view mirror in my pickup truck!
This person gets an A for entrepreneurship, but a whopping F- in reality check!


I miss the good old days working in the delivery room when we just slapped them into a bucket and then sold them to shampoo companies.

Encapsulation? One-A-Day. Have to keep having kids to get a new supply (someone might share, Arrrrgh).

What kind of wine goes with afterbirth?


H LaB, it's obvious isn't it? Some fava beans and a nice bottle of chiante. FFffffff.

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