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August 24, 2010


First this; now this.

(Thanks to Steve Pflaum)

Update: And now this.

(Thanks to cyberick and MP)


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University of Florida spring breakers heading back to school? Nope, I got nothing.

And this: http://www.boston.com/news/local/massachusetts/articles/2010/08/24/3_foot_alligator_caught_in_brockton/

It's Global Warming Climate Change and they're just checkin' out the prospects for moving north when Florida sinks beneath the waves.

In the words of the Great Dave Barry: Those terrorist bastards! Now they're using crocodiles and alligators. Also driftwood and baboons.

They've hit the big city to pursue their dream of becoming a matching belt and handbag...

LMAO at Jacob left to get the photos as Ryan spotted his little sister walking toward him with their dad, who was trying to persuade Ryan to let his little sister help out.

"Fine," Ryan said. "But she won't get in the press."

Alligator shoes...


Ahhh! Cute little baby gator.

Lots of Floridians go north in the summer to escape the heat......nothing unusual about this at all.

Breaking News: France is debating surrender.

Go Gators!

More breaking news: Chicago has one less voter.

Wally gets around.

I named him Ba-Croc Obama...from Chicago and all...

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