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August 27, 2010


Urine-powered fuel cells.

(Thanks to bonmot)


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Climbing the bladder of success.

Besides beer, tea and water would be good but not as much fun.

Passenger: Nice car. Who designed the engine?

Driver: Rong Lan.

Passenger: It's ok. This is the carpool lane, and there's two of us so it's ok. So tell me, who designed the engine and what does it run on?

Driver: Urine... Rong Lan.

Passenger: Dude, if I'm in the wrong lane, you must be in the wrong lane too.

Driver: #1 Rong Lan.

Passenger: #1 is the right lane, trust me...except I think we just ran outta gas.

Driver: Urine trouble.

Passenger: Me? What about you? Why is this my fault? Quick, pull over to the emergency lane. Can you call a friend to pick us up?

Driver: Rong Lan.

Passenger: What is your problem? Everyone knows you pull into the emergency lane when you break down. Oh, my god, are you peeing into the gas tank? Where the hell did you get that idea?

Driver: Rong Lan.

Passenger: More like wrong planet for you, dude. See ya, I'm walking.

wow, Annie: Watt University did you go to?

oh, & Prof. Poos will be the first speaker about the new 'Double P batteries', so...
Poos' on first.


'Coupla Coors L!tes could fuel the Indy 500. Now that's a beer you only rent.

This is old news, but here's an alternative.

Are you taking the piss?

Hence Mr. Scott's well-publicized drinking problem.

Joe-Bob, looky there - some cityfolk in one a dem newfangled cars is siphonin' our outhouse.

Urine to money
Urine to money
Now there's a better way
To piss your life away

Urea! It works!

Somebody's leaking a trade secret.

Good way to slash your fuel bill!

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