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August 28, 2010


An Ewa Beach man is claiming he is unable to bathe, dress himself or wake up in the day due to alleged "phenomena of psychological dependence and addiction" to a video game created by a South Korean developer.

(Thanks to Horace LaBadie)


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Guessing he's single?

Anyone who has ever played Snood will understand this
"compulsive urge and need" to play the game.

He must not get any kind of excercise.

NotSherly, they now have Snood Deluxe. Just in case you're interested. I used to be addicted to the Sims games. Then I realized that if you're thinking about your Sims when you're not at the computer you've probably played it too much.

NotSherly, I need to hook you up with a friend of mine. She was addicted to Snood, then found it again years later. The horror! I have the same problem with Tetris. That's why I will NEVER put it on my phone. Or on my computer. Or anywhere I might see it.

On the other hand, while it may cause everything else to atrophy, the game seemingly exercises the litigious muscle to reach its greatest potential.

I actually played the original version of that game (before WoW came to be). At the higher levels, one death wipes out hours of progress. If that's not enough to break your addiction, you've got bigger problems than video games.

Brain atrophy is the problem.

When we got our Nintendo, I played Mario until I got tendonitis in my elbow. I was darn near crippled by it. I never sued.
I claimed it was either a sports or a sex injury, depending on the person addressed and how good I judged their sense of humor to be.

Aumtie M, that's what happened to me too! I banned it from my computer and then I found it again.
(I know all the good game numbers for potential high scores, hehehe.)

His name is Smallwood. Heh, that explains a lot. Good thing this blog doesn't make fun of people's names.

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