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August 17, 2010


Weight-Loss Procedure Removes Stomach Through Mouth

(Thanks to catmanmax)


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I wonder if they can use the same procedure to remove a foot from a mouth, as so many people on TV seem to be afflicted with these days.

I also don't want details of their hemorrhoid treatment.

"...minimally invasive," my petuttie!

Farting must now be a cosmic experience. No?

um, ewwww.

This procedure also removes currency from bank account electronically.

That sucks.

Exactly, Cheesewiz. If that's minimally invasive, this is how they deal with a hangnail.


If you're lost without Lost, here's your chance...


Old news. I'm pretty sure I coughed up my stomach after a New Year's party back in the 1960s.

Top that, Jenny Craig...

If they do it from the other end, you're (not yore) left with this -- ;

What a coincidence! I have fat put ON thru my mouth!!

*snork* @ Punkin.

500 calories a day and she's not hungry - terrific. Maybe I'll be driving next to her on the freeway when she passes out.

I'm a little confused about why this woman was allowed to have this surgery. Usually the criteria for bariatric surgery is the patient has to be at least 100 lbs. overweight. At 5'4" and 200 lbs. she really doesn't meet that criteria. Also, yuck.

You want less invasive? Try duct tape. On yer fridge, on yer pantry, on yer mouth.

nursecindy, I'm thinking they let her do it because she was willing to be the guinea pig. Why else? And makes me glad I'm only fighting about 15 extra pounds. Ewwwww.

sounds like how I feel after I've had too much tequilla

my wife removed my testicles through my anus but i deserved it cause i'm a guy.

Nursecindy, I think they take other things into account. My sister had it done, and she wasn't quite as seriously obese as most of the people they do, but no other weight-loss method had worked and she had serious sleep apnea and other health problems because of the weight.
And yeah, compared to what she endured, this does sound like a minimally invasive walk in the park.

Yeah, but how's she supposed to stop losing weight?

I weighed 205 and I'm 5'4". I finally got serious and dropped 65 lbs. in 5 months just by cutting out booze and grinders for lunch (actually, the booze was for supper, not lunch). It CAN be done.

Whew, I'll bet she had a really sore throat afterwards...

My ex-wife removed my testicles through my wallet.

This just in.
Surgeons in Washington are now able to remove a larnyx via the anus - thus allowing politicians to be truly talking out of their ar5e.

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