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August 15, 2010


Tila Tequila: Insane Clown Posse fans tried to kill me at concert

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Really, can anyone blame them?

Now THAT's entertainment!

Send 'em to Hollywood. And the Jersey Shore, or at least one particular house full of publicity-seeking goofballs.

And then send 'em to Washington, D.C.

Doesn't everyone want a crack at Tila?

"The webpage cannot be found" Phil

Corrected linky.

If Insane Clown Posse fans tried to kill Tila Tequila, are they really insane?

Good observation, Chris. Still, would Reasonable Clown Posse BAGNFARB?

First of all, no one at TMZ or anywhere else has bothered to explain why someone has this much hate for Tia Tequila.

Second of all, I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone would raise a cheer for these insane "fans" or in any way whatever condone violence or abuse against a woman. Can someone help me understand what is going on here??

Steve: No.

Barry Manilow wouldn't have run for the trailer.

I'm afraid Amy Winehouse would never make it that far.

She reminds me of my Sorority sisters coming home Sunday morning..It's not hate it's sheer lack of frontal lobe following Tequila!

Steve, I agree that no one deserves to have crap thrown at them, even if she is a skanky famewhore...

EB, are you describing Tia Tequila or Sarah Palin?

EB, are you describing Tia Tequila or Sarah Palin?

Whew... kind of makes the righteous indignation tone you took earlier seem, oh, I dunno, kind of hypocritical.

No, now that I reread your earlier works I see now that it's 'a woman', not 'women' that you are concerned about. Way to stick to yer guns there. I can see a Bud Light commercial in your honor coming soon. So here's to you, Mister Remarkably Flexible Social Sensibilities Man! Able to be the sensitive male at one moment, yet able to pull out some tired rubric that will truly portray his wit at any time.

If you can find anything in my reference to an earlier comment about a missing frontal lobe that suggests support for abuse of wiomen, I really wish you'd point it out to me, 'cause I sure can't find it. And if I did, I'd sure like to refudiate it...

*kiss* to Steve. Not throwing anything at anyone.

Dear blogmates,I have a fantastic frontal lobe collection. The male version is extremely valuable as they are quite rare. You can have your very own, just click on my name!!!!!

*adds watchesky to spam filter*

*eyeroll* @ Steve.

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