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August 30, 2010


Drunk baboons plague Cape Town's exclusive suburbs

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins)


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Cape Town baboons tied one on,
doo dah, doo dah,
Passin' out on sauvignon
oh doo dah day.

*yawn* We in the Southern USA just call it "Spring Break"...

Didn't the Cape Town Baboons play Manchester United in the World Cuppy Thingy?

Mot, do you know anything about this?

Cape town burbs are gettin' mad,
doo dah, doo dah,
Drunken' baboons actin' bad,
oh doo dah day.
Gonna blow 'vuzelas all night,
Gonna blow 'vuzelas all day...
They better leave, then! (or they'll wish they had)
Guns gonna blow 'em away.


i'll stop now.

one more, for dave ;)

Cape Town baboons got some blow,
doo dah, doo dah
Swiped Hilton's purse at the soccer show
oh doo dah day...

Was this another hoax by a bored St. Louis teenager...?

This would NOT be a problem in Texas.

Or Louisiana, where they've probably already got a recipe for Baboon Gumbo. Which, incidentally, WBAGNFARB.

i am in the state capital of new yawk. drunk babboons is what we calls our elected officials.

I swear I thought this was another "back to college" story.

I thought it was a story about a rock band. Still not sure that it isn't.

*Tosses tf8 some more fermented grapes*

What did the grape say when Trustf8 stomped on it?

Nothing. It just let out a litte whine . . .


♫ SMACKS tf8 upside da head. doo dah, doo dah...♬

"Lunch parties in the garden are now just impossible," a homeowner complained. "It is so unrelaxing.

I can sympathize - I have much the same problem with our local rats. It's not so much the thuggish thievery and threats that are the trouble; they're mostly armed now, and the constant trading of gunfire with the rats next door has made our garden luncheon parties so unrelaxing I could just plotz.

I (not eye), for one, welcome our new baboon masters.

My SIL, who lives on the slopes of the mountain, came home to find all her linen pulled out onto the floor and baboon crap everyhere. They send in the babies to open the windows from the inside.

"How can you shoot the babies?"

"Ya just don't lead 'em as much."

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