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August 23, 2010


One might think that the s.b., rarely traveling to places like China or South Africa, would have little to share in the way of fascinating vacation photos. One would be correct. However, that has not stopped us so far.

In Atlanta, we too saw big game:

Big chicken

...and typical villages...

Fantasy homes

...learned about the local economy...


...and found out some traditional southern child-rearing practices.

Baby ease


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I like that the zero on that (keypad? mechanical input device?) is between the 4 and the 5. You can see it clearly, right below the (clutch?).


I've also been to the Big Chicken, Siouxie! Back before they tried to hide the fact their chicken is fried. Fantasy Homes looks like a campground and unless there are buff men in kilts hanging around, it wouldn't be my fantasy. I wonder if W.C. Fields got his saying, "Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker' from the Baby Ease product?

I grew up near the Big Chicken... It was THE landmark for giving directions anywhere in Marietta.
"Head north/south on 41 til you get to the Big Chicken..."

cindy: fantasy homes was a huge empty field with woods at the back of it. but we were driving by and i didn't get the camera going fast enough to shoot the whole field and then poof, we were gone.

Favorite child calmative in the South...tablespoon of bourbon. Works every time.

jon, it apparently still IS a point of reference.

The Big Chicken is absolutely THE point of reference in that part of Metro Atlanta ... has been for decades. I think it really picked up in the '70s when I was a teen. Not that the two things are related. As I'm a proud Hapevillian and was raised on the original Chick-Fil-A.

Emmett, is that for mom or the kid?

Nice vacation pictures. I wonder what the Fantasy Homes look like. By description it could be interesting. KFC looks cute.

I'm on vacation this week. I may cruise by this place.

The forest behind Fantasy Homes is the Fantasy Beach-front Property.

Everyone in Atlanta and Marietta knows the BIG CHICKEN!!! It is a landmark!

Which is why we all insisted our hostess take us THERE!

I think I might also enjoy a little nip of baby ease. Can't make out the alcohol content, but it sounds like it might just be enough.

So the beak on the Big Chicken opens and closes?

That's pretty cool.

But it needs a henway.

Hey bmot, what's a henway?

OK Bon, I'll bite, What's a henway????

haha about 4 - 6 lbs???

When your cock wants a lick
of his fav-or-ite chick:
That's a henway!

LOL trust!

Ba dump bump bum.

The Big Chicken! YAY!

Siouxie: LOVED the hot chic pic!

Thanks, tf8! And the four chics below don't look too bad either ;P

(in case anyone is wondering that would be myself, Med, ddd (our fabulous hostess) and Cheryl)(missing from this photo is Punkin, who opted to be the photographer)

That was the best girly vacay EVAH!

Awesomeness. Siouxie! Who do I have to send money to for the next hot chix gathering? Or I could host in Beantown.

The Big Chicken is also (true!) a landmark for military jets landing at nearby Dobbins Air Force Base. And, yes, the beak does open and close. It was rebuilt about 10 years ago to fix it.

I almost forgot - the eyeballs roll around while the beak opens and closes.

Guin, there may be a possibility that we're heading for the Maine area next time. There is also the upcoming Herald Hunt weekend(no date yet)and Casa de Siouxie is always available ;)

"A teaspoon of sugar booze makes the medicine go down."

Notice I was conspiquously absent from the Big Chicken Group photo....I was around back, waiting for it to drop the Big Egg.

Weren't you looking for the Big Cock, Punkin?

Hey howdy, last time i was in that restaurant there were no paper products in the restroom and nobody behind the counter cared to hear about it...a landmark is all that place is good for.

trust - it's a HEN. *hair flip*

i want to see the original KFC.

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