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August 18, 2010


Now they're using Carpenters albums. It's only a matter of time before they escalate.

(Thanks to nursecindy)


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I had nothing to do with that second link.

believe me, it was a bomb.

Dave is setting you up, nc.

why do cops suddenly appear
every time , out of fear?
just wait and see, are they wrong to be
spooked of you?

For the record, it's single.

I'm going to say something bold and controversial:
I like Karen Carpenter songs. There. Thats done.

Suspicious Package WBAGreatNFARB.

Good ole 45's. They were fun. I didn't realize until this morning that cars at one time played 45's in them. I'd like to see one of those oldies.

Don't worry, we have the ultimate counter-terrorist weapon.

We've only just begun to make complete and utter fools of ourselves lala lalah

Carpenter bombing. That was controversial during WWII, also.

Shoddy journalism - did they locate the owner?

Karen Carpenter had a beautiful voice and was pretty good when she started. Then, they found their formula and ran it into the ground.
Shame about the way she died.

I'm not saying Dave is getting predictable (and I'm not saying that he's not), but did anybody doubt that the "escalate" link would be Barry Manilow. The only question was, which picture?

If only she had eaten the sandwich that killed Mama Cass, they'd both be alive today.

Why do birds fall from the sky,
Every time you walk by?
Just like me the CDC
Says it's the bird flu.

Georg, that is not BM. That is Dave dressed & coifed to resemble BM.

wild snorking for Horace.

She's not heavy, She's my Sister.

And did the bomb disposal squad take it out to the disposal range and take care of it? A quarter pound block of C4 would have done nicely.

Karen was a pretty mean drummer. Make of that what you will.

rainy days and bomb scares always get me down?

Yeah, I knew it was a BM link and clicked anyway. My revenge will come though.

*snork* at insom & Horace.

And yeah, those mind-controlling parasites made me click the link.

Just like me, they want to be, in your brain.

On the day that you were born, the parasites got together, and decided to invade a cell or two....

It's easy to make fun of the Carpenters but she was a really good drummer and had impeccable phrasing.

For all we know, it's going to take some time to find the real owner.

Skinniest. Suicide bomber. Ever.

C'mon, people. No jokes about their cover of "Please, Mister Postman"?

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