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August 29, 2010


Wandering goat in Missouri gets Facebook fan page

(Thanks to Joe in Japan)


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How original to name it Billy Goat Gruff. I have a feeling all the bloggers are staying close to their tv's to watch how this turns out.

you're kidding me...

Not this blogger, nc. I'm glued to a lounge chair next to a frosty malted beverage on the Cape of Cod. Two weeks off from the grind - woo hooooooooo!

Back on topic: Personal message to Ralph - I know what you're thinking, do not go there.

Have fun on the Cape, Meanie!

Goat has a Facebutt page. Yodel-lay-he-hoo.

Shame Ralph, there are no gay nude beaches on Cape Cod.

Somebody call him a cab-rito!

Not sure what the big deal is - my dog is on facebook.

Hats off to those who care so much for this goat...

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