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August 24, 2010


You got your goose-torcher, you got your psychic female-sexual-organ tree... Otherwise not much happening in Phuket.

(Thanks to Carlton Banks)


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Well Phuket! Not to mention the Singaporean Ho. Quite the happening place.

A tree shaped like a vulvazela? Phuket!

I'm so thankful I didn't see the goose-torcher when I was in Phuket.

Phuket if they can't take a joke, joke it they can't take a Phuket.

Duck, duck, duck, duck, GOOSE, it's a flaming GOOSE.

I don't know, the old kids game came back to me and now it's stuck in my head and I see this one eyed, clawed, long tailed flaming goose chasing some kid around the circle. Had to share the nostalgia, painful though it may be.

Way to go, Phukets! Giving that tree a 'reputation'.

You torch a goose to burn off the pin feathers.

And the answer to "What's a henway?" is of course, "About four pounds."

(Sorry about leaving that hanging. I thought I'd get to answer it this a.m. but I got asked at the last minute to depositionize a witness in a big leaky building case we've got going on.)

bonmot, depositionizing a witness in a big leaky building sounds dangerous. What position were they in that required you depositioning them?

There is very little leakage during The Variant Yawning Kama Sutra Position

Annie told me.

And no one has mentioned "lucky nuts?"

If you get to Phuket you get lucky nuts?

nc -- liable.

"Fist-sized sparkling lump" WBAGNF Snooki.

You got mojo filter you got spinal clacker you got hair down below yo knees deposition Snooki and you'll get a disease.... come together right now
over me...

No way am I clicking on a link that includes "phuket" and "queernews"


So what does the "P" in "P Pizza House" stand for?

ANd why didn't they include a photo of the tree?

Did they think men would get too excited or women

I tell ya, Journalism is a dying business.

Sounds like the tree could give you a woody.

But why isn't the key quote: "Singaporean Ho fails quest for ‘lucky nuts’"??

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