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August 30, 2010


Sounds painful.

(Thanks to Joe Wesley)


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Big deal. Mine can forecast when it's getting cold.

but do they warn you about that incoming line drive when you're playing 3rd base in Little League?


Stupid balls.


lurker, us girls have no idea what you're talking about. *hairflip*

"Balls...is opposed to fast and deep cuts."

Gosh, there's a suprise...

(So, Judi? That writing across that photo's zipper area was, like, a weather alert?)

I still wonder if it really hurts that bad when a guy gets hit there.

yes. great jumping horned toads yes.

What happened to the blog's no-fun-name-policy?

Worse than a mammogram, nc.

NC, if one is hit in the appropriate area with sufficient force, one cannot walk for a period of time. One really, really knows about this.

Yes. It hurts.

In that the question is coming from a nurse, I'm left to wonder, REALLY?

Yes, it HURTS!

So...when Mr. Balls goes jogging = sweaty balls?

When I was in school, phys ed balls were big and red.

Why not toss them in the pool like everything else when a hurricane's coming.

As for pain, my hockey coach used to say, "Makes 'em grow - play on!!!"

Just to be sure you guys are telling the truth maybe I should do an experiment. Hey bonmot? Come here for a minute.

Nobody tells him he needs to grow a pair.

His Mexican counterpart is Ed Cahones.

There's that mean streak again.

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