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August 30, 2010


Otherwise etc.

Bonus: He's a "junior."

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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that's frahhhnkenschtein....

Life like box chocolate. Never know what going get. Fire, bad!

That's just monstrous.

Definitely a former mullet man.

Can't wait for the police brutality suit: "Hey they let me smash my face into the partition."

Cheesewiz, I wouldn't be a bit surprised if he didn't sue saying that they should have kept him from hurting himself because he was intoxicated and could not care for himself. While working at the jail I had an inmate that wanted to sue the K-9 unit because it had bitten him. On the back of his leg. I asked him how the dog had done that, instead of admitting he was running away from the police he tried to tell me the dog wrapped it's head around his leg, while he was standing there minding his own business, and had bitten him. He lost his case after I testified about the location of the bite.


Puttin' on the Ritz!

*Did not know one could kick the windows out of a police cruiser*

Police charged him but had a doctor examine him because of his abby normal behavior.

Forrest V. Frankenstein?

I bet the V is for victim.

Deputies moved Frankenstein to another vehicle where he repeatedly banged his face into the partition, injuring himself.

♪ 'He did the Mash!'

*Makes espresso for the blogsters*

*sip* *sip*

Ahhhhh.... thanks Meanie.

Now, as for FVF-2, you can't blame him for the name, it was imposed upon him. But the mullet was a choice.

They had to use lightning rods to fire up the original Frankenstein. Fortunately, police in the modern era have Tasers...

There wolf . . .

did they read him his rights, "talking....bad!...lawyer....good!"

Couldn't be him, bonmot - his hair is not 'perfect'.

The police should have administered a sedagive.

He's certainly got the Frankenstein forhead.

That most people would spell with an 'e' in it, but I like to change it up a bit.

You mean like "Alyzabeth"?

Put. The candle. Back.

Exactly, Bonmoot.

He vas my BOYFRIEND!

Siouxie vat voman vouldn't vant to be 'The Bride of Frankenstein'?

alyzbeth..i would had said he had a frankhead forstein... jus' sayin'

Dr. Frankenstein: Would you mind telling me whose brain I DID put in?

Igor: Abby someone.

Dr. F: Abby who?

Igor: Abby Normal

According to Hamilton County Sheriff’s deputies, Frankenstein, of Hamilton, was intoxicated when he approached them and threatened multiple times to kill them, stating, “If I had a knife I would stab you.”

Sounds like a good name for a Toby Keith song.

Darn, Marc. I thought I was going to get a chance to use the line.

He went to pieces in the patrol car. Sounds like the police have the case all sewed up.

If you recall your Shelley, you may remember Dr Frankie's first name was Victor.

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