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August 25, 2010


A Japanese man has admitted to burning down his family home after his mother threw away some of his favourite robot toys from the "Gundam" animation series.

(Thanks to catmanmax)


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dave has to fire himself. i remember this story and i don't even blog that much. neener.

Yes, I do believe someone is fired.

I found the following interesting:

"...the robots, of which he had enough to fill 300 boxes stacked to the ceiling..."

How high was the ceiling? How big were the boxes?

Given that Japanese homes often go up (vertical) than
out (horizontally) I still find this disturbing. And
why didn't mama-san hide the matches?

"Yoshifumi Takabe, aged 30 and living with his mother...." Well, I think we have the final piece of the puzzle.

We have to give Dave a break. It was a whole year ago when the story was first blogged, and the guy was 29 years old then.

No more living with mother. He'll be going away to a special home now.

Hey ladies, he's single!

Shocker, right?

Any blog guys ever have their mom's throw out their baseball card collections? If so, have you forgiven her?

My Mom threw out my Fillmore East programs and ticket stubs. Jeff's lucky I didn't burn the house down

Remember that in the great movie Creepshow the fun is just beginning when the father grabs his little boy's comic book and throws it away. Back then the same people who gave us MAD were turning out wonderfully splashy stuff like Vault of Horror and Tales from the Crypt -- remember the Cryptkeeper from TV? Later the censors decided boobs were way more offensive for kids than blood and gore. What a wonderful world we live in now, when we can easily have both ...!

*quietly hides Steve's toy robots*

Or perhaps Jeff absconded with them. That mystery hasn't been solved to my satisfaction

Jeff gave me a great price for them, though....

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