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August 26, 2010


The "We'll Eat Any Damn Thing If It's Fried" State

(Thanks to Justin Barber)


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contact the heart assn.

Oh, and right after you eat everything fried for awhile your cadaver can then be donated to scoence.

Sorry for the type o scoence should be science.

Queensbee, ironic isn't it that the American Heart Association headquarters is in Dallas...home of the state fair

mmm...fried beer

Fried candy bars are big sellers at our County Fair. My daughter talked me into eating fried Snickers bar a few years ago. Not bad but not my favorite thing to eat. We also have fried ice cream and fried coca cola.

Oh, man--"Funnel Cake Margarita" for the win!

On the boardwalk in Ocean City MD you can get Deep Fried Nutter Butter cookies.

They are awesome.

cindy, the guy who opened the Chip Shops in Brooklyn invented the deep-fried Twinkie (and don't let Texas tell you different).

I believe he deserves a Nobel Prize.

(Note rest of fried chocolate menu. And he's open to suggestions on what else to deep fry. What a guy.)

Best reason to go the the Texas state fair, fried corn dogs. Sure they are not something fancy like fried water but yum, yum. I may even try the fried Frito pie this year. Excuse me


Never thought you could fry beer.
*shows ID*

At the Wisconsin State Fair you couldn't get deep fried beer, but you could get beer on a stick. We know enough to draw the line somewhere.

Hey Jeff, how about we all meet at one of those Chipshops for our next blogapalooza?

Dave, you should see if you can be a judge next year. You may want to ask for a cardiologist to be on standby however.

*packs defibrillator and heads out to Texas*

I admit to eating fried Oreos at a fair recently. Not quite as disgusting as the idea sounds.

Curious as to how un-fried beer on a stick works (unless it's wintertime of course).

A little sad how fried Snickers and fried mac and cheese aren't even on the radar anymore.

Definitely, NotS - but everyone will have to come to the wilds of Brooklyn.

It's pretty authentic fish & chips.

"Somebody needs to find a way to fry beer."

Well, when you put it that way, it seems obvious now.

My favorite liquor store last night served me the best fried gator I've ever had. Texas is awesome, y'all.

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