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August 15, 2010


The Czech Republic has considered allowing North Korea to repay debts with tonnes of aphrodisiac ginseng roots.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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That's big of them - or it could be.

.... and we promise not to sell the Czech Republic's address to any marketers. Deal?

And Aphrodisiac Ginseng Roots WBAGNFARB.

All debts should be paid in aphrodisiacs.

That's all N. Korea had to pay with, so it was either take that or get stiffed, so to speak.

The Czech is in the male.

(The Czech Republic also owns all seven of the world's white rhinoceroses.)

Based on reliable reports, anyone living in North Korea would need all of the romantic stimuli he could get his horny little hands on.
Bet even the Great Leader has qualms about his people claiming he turns them on.

Off topic, but did you see Dave Barry's column the "Blub story"? I know it's not new, but I don't really remember it, so I'm pretty sure it's not in any of his books.

I wish someone would take the columns that never made it into a book and put them into a book. Could call it "Dave Barry's lost columns". Might even put a subscript to be silly saying "Once you read them, you'll know why we lost them the first time." It seems like there are a fair number of columns that never made it into a book. And since Dave isn't posting new columns every week anymore, a book like this could help us fans with our withdrawl.

Stiffed for the Czeck is a fantastic name for a rock band!

Too much ginseng makes my yang pyong.

Stimulus package? More like package stimulus.

hehe,very funny!!

I am a fanatic don-lock collection: I am a fanatic don-

No clickee, no watchee?

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