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August 19, 2010


Radioactive boars on the rise in Germany

(Thanks to Allen at Division and Ken Kelley)


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Hmmmm.....I think my upcoming cartoon series "Radioactive Mutant German Boar" (surprisingly NOT starring Schwartzenegger)will kick that cholesterol laden French pukes' cartoon arse!!!

Needless to say...Radioactive Boars WBAGNFARB

At first I thought this was a story about Congress...

Isn't that how this character got started?


Romeo's link. Aren't most Germans radioactive bores? Oh, boars! Nevermind.

I hope Judi doesn't get fired but...wasn't this blogged a couple of times already?

Oh, and Radioactive Boars WBAGNFA Glenn Beck/Sean Hannity biopic.

*SMACKS* Jeff.


OTOH, "Radioactive Bores" WBAGNFA movie about the upcoming Apocalypse, starring Al "I'm so green I glow" Gore and Sheryl "one square per ass wipe" Crow.

Please don't fire judi even though this WAS blogged before, but I'm too lazy busy to look it up.

I thought the Radioactive Bohr was Danish, not German.

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