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August 25, 2010


Don't mess with them.


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she did such a good job they can't even tell what kind of snake it was! go Grandma!

Note to self: snakes take trains.

Ya know, a snake shows up on my doorstep, I'm not gonna be taking a moment to Google whether it's endangered or not. ><

Snakes on trains and snakes on planes. Long distance travel may never be the same.

You Go, Girl!

♫ Go Granny, Go Granny, Go Granny, Go... ♫ ♫

ANY snake that shows up on my porch is gonna be endangered--briefly. Then it won't care.

ANY snake that shows up on my porch is gonna be strappy shoes and matching purse.

Some people are much more humane.

Ice can get pretty thick up there, so she might have been using something that folks in Florida would consider to be a weapon.

Want to see Margaret with her chopper? Why, soitenly.

Mention my name in Sheboygan
It’s the greatest little town in the world
Just tell them you’re an old friend of mine
And every door in town will have a big welcome sign
So mention my name in Sheboygan
And if you ever get in a jam
Just mention name, I said mention my name
But please don’t them where I am

Snake, rattle and roll!

♫ 'She Boygans!
She Boygans!
oh, baby,
when She Chops,

I have no problem with snakes. When I see one I scream so loud in terror that the snake usually has a heart attack and dies on the spot.

boo hiss

We won't . . .

Hey, in Wisconsin, this is just the first step in most casserole recipes. Rattlesnake casserole is great for pre-Packer game parties. Where did y'all think the term "tailgating" came from, anyway?

3 whole chops? Wuss.

Annie, she wasn't just trying to kill it, she was tenderizing the meat.

Ok, but you ruin the skin that way, and Siouxie wears a size 12 sandal, so we needs lots of unmarked snakeskin. Couldn't she just scare it, so the adrenaline rush would tenderize the meat?

Sometimes I just don't understand you cityslickers.

I messed with one once (Sheboygan woman, not rattlesnake...although come to think of it...) and paid alimony for many years.

This sounds like something my Grandma would have done except for trying to call for help. She wouldn't have bothered with that. She once shot at a helicopter that landed in one of her fields on the family farm. Unfortunately it was the Gov. of Georgia's helicopter and they weren't too happy with her. The Sheriff did calm the SBI down by telling them if she had meant to kill them they would have been dead. She thought they were drug runners scoping out her land and had landed to use the bathroom in her field. We were so proud when it made the front page of The Atlanta Journal. The above story is absolutely true. She was my hero.

Tastes like chicken.

Actually, tastes more like gator.

nursecindy - your grandma was just "tenderizing" them. And that first shot usually alerts your neighbors that something is going on, so it's like a call to 911, only better. Less paperwork for the cops. :)


In English football news, Spurs Stick it to Young Boys!


Cindy, why was the governor landing his helicopter in your grandma's field??

nc, I KNEW I liked you! The gub'ment was trying to claim "imminent domain" on my grandfather's property, and while he was at work, the guy driving the bulldozer for the developer in question ran over the fence and started to work. My grandmother met him with a shotgun. The dozer driver said, "Ma'am, I have a court order..." My grandmother said, "Young man, I have a shotgun..." Needless to say, the developer did NOT get the property.

The governor was filming a 'war on drugs' type thing. They wanted to use her field because it was wide open and also had a lot of woods around it. They were trying to make the point that drugs can be grown anywhere. The only thing I ever knew her and my grandpa to grow was corn and peanuts. The Governor did apologize because they did not have her permission to land or film there. At one time the family farm had over 500 acres of land. The family sold a couple of hundred acres several years ago to the state and they built a prison there. The joke used to be that no one ever escaped because they had pictures of my grandma holding her gun posted on the fence with the warning that if you escaped she would greet you.

Does no one else think it odd that a rattlesnake would be on a train bringing materials to a local salvage yard? How much material could a rattlesnake possibly have?

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