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August 16, 2010


The dog really did eat the homework, or, in this case, the petition a South Carolina man was going to file to run for school board.

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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Saw that. If it prevents one more loser person from getting into politics, bravo.

He should have put it in the Petition folder of his notebook as soon as it was finished. Then he wouldn't have lost it and could have turned it in on time.

My dog would've eaten my homework, but he was late because aliens kept him up all night probing him.

No, really.

I have a note from Epsteins' mother.

A few years ago, we had an "unauthorized entry" at one of our homes. A couple of people lived in the place for about a week. With a puppy.
Puppies will chew on anything, as we found out when we got there about a month later. Telephone lines, lamp cords, table legs; all are fair game.
If you get a pup, don't sleep in the nude. Except for the scum who vandalized our place. I hope you got neutered.

If Ken in SC is lurking I think he will confirm that South Carolina is having a lot of problems in the candidate department this year. They have another guy named Alvin M. Greene who has somehow become a democratic candidate for the senate. He is an unemployed felon and nobody can figure out how he even got the filing fee to run. He has not campaigned and his one big idea for SC is to bring a toy industry to the state that will manufacture dolls with his face on them.

nursecindy, he was also just arrested on porn charges.

A college professor friend of mine had a similar experience. His golden lab ate the final exam papers he'd brought home to grade. He had to pass everyone in the class. And do a fancy dance when the students wanted their papers back.

The professor was proctoring the final and time was running out. Students were still scribbling in their blue books as time was called.

All the students but one put down their pens, picked up their blue books and filed down to the professor's desk to put their books in the pile.

The other student kept scribbling away furiously in his blue book. The professor looke up and saw him and said -- "Hey -- you there. You know I can't take your exam now."

The student finished his last thought, gathered up his stuff and strode down the lecture hall toward the pile of blue books on the professor's desk.

"Professor," he said in a loud voice as he approached the desk, "Do you know who I am?" he demanded.

The professor, said "No, I don't know who you are and I don't care."

The student said "Good!" and thrust his exam book into the middle of the stack.

Did he ever figure out your name, bonmot?

Is it the other way around at obedience school?

Yes, NC I am lurking and I concur. I used to live in the Old North State but I got tired of the state motto, 'this road under construction for the next 60 miles'. South Carolina is more free and more entertaining.

ken, I was in S.C. on Friday. Y'all's gas prices are much more reasonable and I only live about 5 miles from the state line. What you say about N.C.'s roads is true. On the 11 pm news tonight however some people that got off work at 5 pm were just getting home due to a tanker truck exploding after colliding with a car. A very tragic situation and the pictures were horrifying. I couldn't help but wonder if the collision of the truck and car happened in one of the numerous road construction zones.

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