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August 31, 2010


LOSEVO, Leningrad Oblast — Adrenaline-addicts from the city and beyond competed in a three-minute wet and wild ride on inflatable women from sex shops in the eighth annual Bubble Baba Challenge at the Losevo Rapids on the Vuoksa River, about 80 kilometers northwest of St. Petersburg.

(Thanks to Baron vonKlyff)


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Key quote: "The competition’s charter also allows the replacement of the rubber doll with a rubber penis of an equivalent size or an inflatable animal."

There you go, bloggerettes. From Russia, With Love.

I've only seen inflatable women in movies but I've never seen one I'd want to take out to dinner.
I did have an old girl friend with a greatly inflated ego, once. She couldn't believe it when I wanted to break up with her.

That's just a good excuse for all those people to buy a sex doll without looking like a total perv.

I read that as "a rubber penis of an inflatable animal". WTF?

The "vehicles" look like a cross between Lego dudes and crash test dummies. Hard to imagine their intended use.

Alexander Marasin, also of St. Petersburg and the owner of “Fearless Zina” (2.55), came third.

no comment

*Wonders if these inflatable women are of the "used" kind*

a rubber penis of an equivalent size

Siouxie, can you help these ladies out?

So, to stay on during the ride, we put what WHERE?...

Also, I'll beat the ladies to it--"a three-minute wet and wild ride" is about right, they say...

Layzee, only when they can pry it from my cold, yet satisfied hands.

St. Petersburg? Apt.

Photo caption of note: "Inflatable women, available for hire, being repaired after heavy use."

Apparently, yes Siouxie, some of them were well used.

Gives new meaning to the phrase: "rode hard and put away wet."

Wonder if they were there?

Those inflatables sure look scared. They all seem to have a concerned "O" look about their mouths!

OC, imagine all the um..water they'll be swallowing!

Poor dears.

Ha, ha, ha...

*snork* @ billyjoejimbobbubba.

A three minute wet and wild ride includes two and a half minutes of foreplay...

Coconuts, they're all "blow up" if it's done right.

Rubberbaby boogieboards?

Me love you long time log ride.

Is there some kind of a trick that turns a dick into a propeller ?

We’ve gotten all of our dive education from Low Key. It was a great experience. It was also good to see our friends in the video. We are planning to come back and get some more bottom time. When? Soon come.

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