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August 31, 2010


Prostitution has become such a problem in Switzerland that Zurich officials have made proposals to add "sex boxes" to the city.


(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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They don't look very romantic...

Hello, and welcome to Box In A Box. May I take your order?

Yeh I was just gonna say also what happened to the romance? Unbelievable.

Brilliant! ...and the Snuggie Sutra story was fun, too.

yo. prostitution has never been romantic or glamorous or pretty or even remotely non-mind-splittingly depressing or nauseating or degrading -
in other words, ew. of course; ew.

My love was like a Bolivian fruit stand,
but her heart was like a Swiss health inspector.

Should cut down on moving violations.

How much to double park?

Is that a goal line?



how womantic!

I know I like wine in a box...but sex in a box???

Don't think so.

Depends on the box.

They should put in parking meters.

New York has had "Sex in the City" for years now...

They would have used Siouxie's design but the trapezes failed the safety inspection.

BEST PARKING LOT EVER!!! $11.95 if you're in and out before 6:30 PM.

Buncha fascists, pad. Harmless contraption, IMHO.

doo dah, doo dah,
Easy money for a slut!
oh doo dah day.
Gonna get l@id 2nite,
Gonna get p@id 2day!
Getcher pants open but keep the door shut.
oh doo dah day.

They better hope they don't get picked up by the Fuzz.

(I've heard that hurts.)


Funny trustf8. I notice everyone ASSUMES the prostitues are women. As a man I find that sexist. I think.

As a connoisseur of the show "Cops", I know that if that "lady" has an adam's apple the size of a goiter, you should be suspicious. If she has a beard, you should be alarmed.


hoo hah, hoo hah,


Ho. In gear. In female gear.
Pay. A drop of golden sum.
Plea. Guilty. I call myself.
Bra. I didn't get undone.
Soooo, she never touched my head.
Bah! Make note to follow ho.
Gee, her legs were never spread.

Which will bring us back to Ho ho ho ho.

bon, when do ya get your lawyerin' done? You are always cracking me up...

I would *SMACK* bonmot but I have a bad cold today and am a little depressed. So instead I will sneeze in his general direction and then cry.

Sounds like someone needs a hug. ((((((nc))))))

*dishes out a tissue*

Parking for porking.

Thanks bonmot. I needed that.

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