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August 24, 2010


Feds seize marijuana concealed in tombstone

(Thanks to Greg Snow)


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This could make the meal after the funeral go really, really quick.

and why do we have border guards in Cincinnati?

international flights there, snip.

Wouldn't the cost of shipping that thing by air be more than the value of the stuff inside? What were they, high? oh wait. nevermind.

Guess some people think they can afterlight it up.

What was their tip off? Was the hearse made out of hemp?

yeah, it was a dead end, riot. yawn.
that tombstone come for uncle george yet? no? wonder what's keeping it.

You can't toke it with you.

Killer weed, man.

Years ago I seized several ounces of heroin being shipped inside hollowed out apples from Vancouver to Calgary. The concealment job must have taken hours.

It was a obviously a dead give away for us...point being, who would pay $45.000 to ship a box of apples available at the destination for about $15.00?


I would have been suspicious, too, since old Delroy Senior died a year ago and they're just now shipping the tombstone---and an ugly one to boot.

Obligatory: Tombstoned.

Nice one, Loud. And you came in late, too.

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