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August 26, 2010



This has been your Religion Update From Sweden.

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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There's a reason the 'church' is located in Lovestad.

"You can reach it through art or by looking at a landscape and thinking ‘Wow!’”

Whoa, indeed.

'The church’s cardinal, Carlos Bebeacua, has said that he believes that the orgasm is God and should be worshipped...'


Coming soon, the Madonna of Orgasm Church...

"The church, in Lövestad in southern Sweden"

Didn't Tiger Woods just move out of there?

The monks of the MOTO church are one-eyed.

Do we support the bishop?

Yes! Yes! YES!

Good one, NotS.

I kept thinking (at first), "Whoa. Cardinal Barbacoa worships Madonna at his church?"

But that would have made more sense.

Not a happy ending.

O come, all ye faithful...

Some of the novices don't even make it into the chapel before succumbing. So I've heard anyway.

So THAT'S what the Swedish Chef was saying.

Reaction to headline: "At least he got something out of it."

"Blow for bishop as orgasm church flops"

Do they have any missionary positions available?

*Volunteers to play the organ*


It would be interesting to see them go door to door with this, indeed...

This gives a new meaning to church maybe the rainbow guy is now a member.

So they believe in much more than 'the second coming...'

(Keep ur pew to urselves!)

The orgasm is the ultimate feeling of lust, it shouldn’t be limited to ejaculation. You can reach it through art or by looking at a landscape and thinking ‘Wow!’

Must be some fine landscapes they've got there.

Orgasm by looking at a landscape? Now that's really pining for the fjords!

No, that's "hiking the Appalachian Trail!"

So the church of cumming is going?

My barbarcoa has been known to cause orgasms. Jus' sayin' . . .

What kind of art is he looking at that causes an orgasm? I've been thinking of redecorating.


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