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August 20, 2010


Warner Bros. sues over Harry Popper condom

(Thanks to Joe in Japan)


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Actually Dave, the Hermione Wand is the next item in the series. Batteries not included......

i could use that spell they do to unlock things.

just sayin'


No, really, dear--it's my Every Flavor wand!

I'd use my shrinking spell, but it would be terribly redundant.

*snork* at Meanie. Um, where did you say these are available? Just curious...

I wouldn't think "Popper" would be a good name to associate with a condom.

And I believe the correct incantation is "Condominium!"

That can't be an imitation of Harry Potter; there's no forehead scar. Harry isn't the only wizard.

I was all set to do magic.

BEWARE ! He who must not be named put a hole in them.

Coco, info on the Harry Potter sex toys for ya.


There's a story about a lady lawyer in Hawaii who used to solicit maritime personal injury cases by trolling the bars near the docks, handing out condoms to the sailors, the packaging of which read "Saving seamen the old-fashioned way", and then her law office number.

this is one of the best threads ever! nice work, everyone!

OMG Wiredog, I never heard of that one before. Hilarious!

Must be to keep your want dry. Didn't know they were affected by rain.

B...er...witch on a broomstick. What's new about that?

Wand not Want. That was an 80s band, right.

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