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August 01, 2010


Monkeys hate flying squirrels, report monkey-annoyance experts

(Thanks to funnyman)

"Monkey-annoyance experts?"


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I REALLY want to read the Grant application for this study.
"And we will be randomly throwing flying squirrels at groups of unsuspecting monkeys to see if they are startled."

I will be applying for a grant to study the affects of kilted scotsmen on stealth blogerettes.

"The research could pave the way for advanced methods of enraging monkeys."

But what about enraging the squirrels? They've completely missed the point.

*Signs up as a subject in Punkin's study.*

Sounds like the revenge of someone who may have viewed The Wizard of Oz one time too many, I would say.

That was my question too, Dave: there are 'monkey-annoyance experts'?

Can one make a living as such? Do they pretend to give them bananas and then yank them away, or what?

I think they're just jealous that they can't fly.

Also, for a second I thought Punkin said "kilted Scott's" and I was worried.

One little extra apostrophe and it kills the whole conversation!

Not so fast, Scott. I don't think we blog ladies would have any problem with studying the effects of kilted Scotts.

Count me in on that study too, Punkin. As God is my witness I did not know that squirrels could fly.

I also want to know about monkey annoyance experts. How do they make a living? Who wants to pay someone to find out what annoys a monkey?

OK, so maybe Dave and some of the bloggers would be willing to pay $5 apiece occasioinally to watch a video of an annoyed monkey. But that's no way to make a living :)

NC, flying squirrels don't really fly, they glide. I don't know if they live in North Carolina, but they do live in Alabama where I grew up. You have to go out in the woods to see them. They don't live in parks or suburban developments.

Flying squirrels do live in NC, and at least all the way into Maryland and they love treed suburbs. But because they're so small and unobtrusive, you'll scarecly notice them.

Growing up in suburban DC, we would occasionally see them at night at the bird feeders.

Militant Monkeys WBAGNFAB

I think I've found the perfect career choice for my monkey hating teenager....

Me-heh-heh-heh! Ve also hate Moose...

I have the same reaction to religious fundamentalists at my door.
Getting monkeys to go away would be useful in a number of places around the world, so long no one tells the monkeys about the concept known as "revenge".

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