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August 18, 2010


"He's driving 'cause I had a little too much to drink. And he needs to learn how to drive sometime."

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Good thing the 12-year old son was hanging out with him at 2 AM.

Police contacted Kizewski's wife, who picked them up.
I'll bet that was a pleasant ride home.

Bet the kid gets grounded for riding the brakes.

"where are you coming from?"

"meno...nemo.....menonemon...something falls."

"and you're going to?"

"oconoco...economico....over there!"

"and your son was driving?"

"well, i didn't want you to think i was impaired!"

The ticket Kizewski received carries a fine of about $114. A drunken driving fine would have been about $740.

So he made one good decision that night.


I think his son probably did learn a lot from that driving lesson.

Based on amount of fines this guy was pretty sharp to be wasted. Shame he was not smart enough to stay home and just send the boy out to the store for beer?

Shoddy reporting -- what was the kid's blood alcohol content?

My 3 year-old grandson announced he would drive from one house on my wife's farm to the other. I laughed and wondered where he got such an insane idea.
Then I heard that his other grandfather had been "teaching him to drive".
I can't say much because my father let my daughter (mother to my grandson) FLY HIS CESSNA when she was five. She couldn't see over the dash.

The name of this town has too many syllables. It is its own sobriety test.

I know the town because my friend lived there until a couple of years ago. I don't think there's much else to do there but drink.

Braniff, that was my thought too - why did Dad have the kid out drinking with him in the middle of the night? Or was he planning on a Designated Driver all along?

Drunk, but not completely stupid.

How nice, a little father/son bonding. Yep, quite the role model here, this paternal unit...

He saved about as much as he would have with Geico. Except Geico doesn't want him.

Yeah, called the wife. Now THERE'S a thin-lipped woman.

(And y'all married types know what I mean. You DREAD the thin-lipped woman.)

The one thing worse, bonmot, is a thin lipped woman who gives you 'the look'. Married men know what look I'm talking about and it's usually not because they want your body later. At least not in the way you hope.

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