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August 24, 2010


Responding officers ordered 19-year-old Tyler Patrick Thomas of Kalispell, Mont., to get on the ground, Lt. Tim Brewer said.

Thomas refused and instead dropped into a three-point stance like a football player and lunged at the officers, Brewer said.

(Thanks to Woozy Barnes and Catherine, who says, "I can't believe the three-point stance didn't work.")

Possible Explanation: He was offside.


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Naked, drunk, and dismissed from the Beavers. That be Kalispell.

Amazingly, alcohol was involved.

"Fat, drunk and stupid" etc.

Here is a picture of the young man.

I also prefer that headline: Oregon State Lineman Tased, Arrested While Naked and Trespassing

A 3-point stance might make him very popular in jail.

Thanks for the pic Jeff. However this is shoddy journalism in that there is no picture of him naked in the 3-point stance. Whatever that is.

That would make him a tight end, Annie.

Or a wide receiver, Layzee ;)

Thanks, Jeff. Is he sporting a mullet?

stupid question: what is redshirted?
Thomas redshirted during the 2009 season.

MOTW this is the definition I found for redshirted: Definition: A college football player who skips a year of play without losing a year of eligibility. A player will often redshirt because of an injury or academic problem.(The original definition mispelled academic. They had acedemic so this may or may not be correct)
On Star Trek and 24 people in redshirts often ended up dead however. btw, I take paypal for looking that up for you. I'll put it on your account.

MOTW -what cindy said. My friend's son plays football for Yale and got injured last year - so instead of graduating next May, he'll go one more semester and play the extra season.

I'm worried about this Beaver.

Drunken 3-point stance - the 3 points are his 2 feet and his face.

Some of us fortunate guys have a different "3-point stance", IYKWIM...

Thanks, nc. I'll see you and raise you three shots in the thigh and a Vulcan karate chop.

*snork* (& a peek) @ Tripod Allen


Another pesky Oregonian misbehaving? WTF!

Annie's 3-point stance

Great illustration, Slightly!

Yah, but did he make the tackle?

Oregon, we have a problem.

"Police jolt red-shirted Beaver out of three-point stance."

What! They don't have cameras in Oregon? Lousy reporting if you ask me! Arrrrgh.

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