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August 25, 2010


About 10:35 a.m., Arnold Morris, 76, was practicing what to do in case of a robbery with Patricia, his wife of 54 years, Brevard County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Linda Moros said.

During the robbery scenario, he shot her in the chest with a .380-caliber pistol, Moros said.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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“They are a very lucky family,” she said.
Actually his wife is a very lucky woman. He's screwed when she gets better and goes home.

Honey, I'm not sure I fully understand. Let me try this time and see if I get it.

I'm thinking she's a little ticked off with him now.

Guess they didn't really want to hurt an intruder, using just a .38

ohhh, i'd wanna fix him when i get well.

Post-Op Wife Accidentally Castrates Husband with Scalpel Taken From OR.

Remind self not to be around when they practice fire drills.

*Makes note: In case of robbery, shoot wife*


There must be more to this story, maybe he was
rehearsing their old vadeville act, which includes
the husband saying "take my wife, please"...but he
was serious, and if the intruder refused...
shots were taken.

Maybe they can sell the story to a TV studio or
book publisher: The husband who mistook his wife for
a target and his ultimate divorce.

Reminds me of the story... Husband deathly ill and upstairs in bed, smells the aroma of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. He manages to stagger out of bed, gasping, and somehow makes it downstairs and into the kitchen without passing out or keeling over. Goes to reach for a cookie cooling on the counter when his wife slaps his hand and says, "Get away, they're for the funeral."

How do we know it was really an accident?

Hey honey, hold my Met@mucil and watch this!"

This is why you go with a .45 caliber automatic or a .50 caliber Desert Eagle, to avoid lingering problems...

Next time they play 'Cops & Robbers' the Mrs. will be 'wearing the uniform'...

Double tap. Geez!

“They were very unfamiliar with handguns. It was a pure accident,” Moros said.

No, they were stupid. To buy a gun and not at least take a class on handling it is stupid. So this is not an accident, it's Darwin at work. And now robbers know exactly where these two clueless but somewhat armed bozos live. Buh-bye gun.

They live on Detroit Street. It was inevitable.

Bill & Allen,

A .38 caliber is a perfectly good weapon for home defense, but as with any weapon, you need to know the rules. I have small hands, so the .45s and .50s I've used just buck too much and take me off target. But with a .38 or even .32, less recoil means more center of mass, even if the hole they make is smaller (c'mon, even between a .50 and .32, the difference is only 18/100's of an inch diameter!). I don't have any hangups about my masculinity by admitting I use a "LadySmith" .357 as my preferred self-defense weapon, because it fits well with my stature, has very little recoil, and I always hit my intended target.

And remember, "Guns don't kill people, ... it's the bullets as take care of that!"

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