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August 19, 2010


Land of Excitement

(Thanks to Laura)


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What degree of Kevin Bacon would that be? They will have something to talk about all winter.

Cue theremin music...

Worms 7 to 8 inches long?? I've seen longer.


Rutland, N.D., man finds 5-foot nightcrawler on the road


Oh go ahead and dump it in the Everglades.

Why should this guy be any different?

Uh, isn't a 5-foot worm really a SNAKE??

If it shoots lightning bolts out of its butt, those guys who went to Mongolia might want to visit Rutland.

Maybe it wriggled on over from Idaho.

I think a GPS reading would be more useful than:

Rutland, N.D., about 55 miles southwest of Wahpeton.

Anybody else read Daves' title as "Land of Excrement"?

Suuuuure....only me....ahh ha.

I did too, BFF Nope.

I've always heard that South Dakota is the party state when compared to North Dakota.

Hey! This state is Exciting. Occasionally. Well, maybe never. Except for the weather..

I clean up after the parties on Detox, so someone's having a good time.....

We have Renegade Canola, and, now, a worm 5 foot long(?).

Is it a hallucination from the 8.1 beer????

Typical fish story. "Y'all shoulda seen this worm. It was /-----------------\ big."


The worm had been run over

Lessee here.

3 inch worm + squish = 5 feet.

Yup, that's about right.

Yeah, Punk I saw excrement first, as well. Thought it might be another Barry pumping station. Nuthin but a worm.

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