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August 19, 2010


Prosecutors: Snooki's behavior criminally annoying

(Thanks to Horace LaBadie and Jeff Meyerson)


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"Short, Fat, and Drunk is no way to go through life honey"

Dean Wermer

robin williams will get life...

In five years no one will remember who Snooki even was. As it stands I'm not sure many people really care now. Mud? I like Robin Williams.


And don't forget the Progressive lady.

The View are multiple offenders.

"We look forward to preparing our defense," Raya said.

"It'll be good for ratings," the shyster (firm: Dewey Cheatem & Howe) added.

As the old saying goes, a prosecutor could indict a ham sandwich if he so chose. And in this case a total ham has been indicted for being annoying?! WTFBBQ?!

I'm not a fan of Snooki or "Jersey Shore," but really, isn't "criminally annoying" an ill-defined, capricious, and frankly, bogus charge?

An unscrupulous prosecutor could indict anybody on that charge, including The Blog himself and all those commenting here.

Another good reason to stay out of New Jersey, IMHO.

nurse: some folks like miniature poodles humping their leg. me, not so much.

How 'bout that nasty Burger "King," Keith Olberman, Vince Schlomo, the Karda$$ians, etc. etc.

It's worse than criminally annoying; it's Aggravated Mopery!

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