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August 17, 2010


Oklahoma City man exposes genitals, threatens Chili's customers and attempts to steal soda truck, police say

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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I bet controlled substances were involved. I also would be willing to bet that he's single, in case any of the ladies are interested.

The proverbial triple threat.

Can't believe there was no mention of alcohol (or other substances) being involved.

How about arousing chorus of "You're the Reason God Made Oklahoma"?

That was supposed to be a rousing - two words.


Little Freudian slip there??

Confused fellow thought he was at the LoveSac.

At least he wasn't breastfeeding.

RC Cola and a Moon Pie!

See, that's the kind of exposure you can't buy

O O O Oklahoma!
Where the nuts go running through the malls!
With a knife and gold paint
Shorts pulled down to his 'taint.
He was showing all the customer his balls!

I've been in Oklahoma. He would be "high" on the list of local entertainment.
Seriously, he looked awfully well-fed for a 39-year old huffer.

Was he huffing the gold paint in his shorts? He could damage his brain if he had one.

Dinner and a show!

This is why I only huff flesh-toned paint.

I am having trouble getting my comments to post. Tries again.
*snork* @ djtony.

Multi-tasker is right. He had a lot of balls in the air!

And NewsOK disabled the comments.

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