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August 28, 2010


They're not like your town's tourist attractions.


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Maybe not exactly the same...


Here kitty kitty, nice kitty. What pretty teeth you have.

I wonder how many visitors would have realized something was amiss had they came across said tiger.

Oh my!

Couger spotted in the area of my mom's nursing home, bear problems in another suburb, yup, no tigers or snakes here at the moment.

Tiger, tiger makes a fright,
Escaped the zoo, no show tonight,
From Miami's wild jungles flee,
Pimps and dealers might shoot thee.

I wonder how diligently those policemen were searching? That's something like a lump in a sensitive place; there are some things you'd rather not find.


*establishes perimeter*


I thought after the divorce Tiger wouldn't have to "escape"....

The most shocking thing about this story is that the Herald copyeditors apparently don't know how to use the term "its" vs "it's"

OK, maybe you have to be a Texan to find this funny, but after Hurricane Ike destroyed Crystal Beach, and left it cut off from the mainland except by boat, we all got a chuckle out of the fact that to add to the survivors' woes, there was a hungry tiger loose on the island after its owners' house got destroyed.

"How could this possibly get worse?"

"Uh, don't look left, dude."

Turns out the tiger got et by hungrier gators.

FOP Tourist Safety

The Miami Fraternal Order of Police wants to welcome you to our magnificent City. It is our duty as Law Enforcement Officers to protect our visitors and residents from harm. So far in 2010 we have had:

• 37 Homicides
• 847 Violent Robberies
• 2,079 Burglaries
• 1,165 Auto Thefts
• 30 Sexual Batteries
• 7,083 Larcenies
• 1,417 Aggravated Assaults
(Statistics Reported In the FDLE 2010 Semi-Annual Report)

That is a total of 12,658 crimes this year alone.
While visiting our city, we ask that you keep these simple safety tips in mind:
•Please be careful with your luggage at all times - when you check-in and check-out at the airport and at your hotel.

•Always keep your hotel door locked, and don’t leave any valuables in an easy-to-find place in your room.

•When driving or sightseeing, have your route planned prior to departing your hotel. Be very careful about opening a map in an obvious way – declaring your status as a lost tourist which may increase your chances of becoming a victim of a crime.

•Avoid arguments with other drivers - Miami drivers officially have the worst road rage in the country.

•Keep your car windows rolled up and doors secured at all times.

•Don’t wear flashy or expensive jewelry.

•If approached by someone, run away quickly. If followed, go to a well-populated place.

•If you find yourself in trouble, call 911.

In these tough economic times, criminals are more motivated to take advantage of those who visit our community. Our Miami Police Officers are here to protect you. DON'T BECOME A STATISTIC, BE ALERT!

Sponsored by The Miami Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge #20

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