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August 16, 2010


Mr Pabwe ruled that the mere fact that Mhanda told a healer that his mother had given him a snake was not enough to convict him.

(Thanks to W. von Papineau)


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Siouxie was given a snake once, but it took batteries. I don't think witches need batteries.

Weeeeeeee're OFF to free the Wizard! . . .

Do you need a license for concealed carry of a snake?

"Chitungwiza provincial magistrate Mr Brighton Pabwe acquitted Wilfred Mhanda of contravening Ssection 99(1) of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act..."

The "Ss" in section must be snake-English.

It might prove that he was happy to see her, however.

"The offence is that ‘any person who groundlessly or by use of non-natural means accuses another person of witchcraft, shall be guilty of indicating a witch or wizard’.

Groundlessly--does that mean flying on a broomstick?

Non-natural means--any technology and/or talking to the dead or spirits or djinns etc.? (unless the
dead, spirits, djinn or whatever can be certified
natural or organic)

Inidcating--very rude, like pointing

And the penalty is: (Choose one)

a. 537 lashings
b. a year in jail
c. being turned in a Harare hare
d. being forced to listen to Barry Manilow for weeks on end.

PSS: I'd pick number one...as the others border on
excessive meanness and torture.

Watch out, Harry Potter! You are most definitely

Are the laws written in parseltongue?

" I got better. "

If he's snitchin' on his momma, she obviously didn't give him the eggs that go with that snake.

criminalises labelling one as a witch or wizard without proof.

Sounds like Salem MA where witches have to be certified (do they take a test like for a contractor's license?)to put out a shingle.

My mother never gave me any snakes; I had to catch my own. I must have led a deprived childhood.

My ex-wife was a certified witch.

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