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August 25, 2010



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So that's what they're calling it now...

wasn't "hit the futon" a single by the clash back in '83?

"sharif doesn't like it..."

Is that a sexual euphemism I've somehow missed?

"Yeah, Snooki's hitting the futon right now. She'll call you back."

I hope People for the Ethical Treatment of Cheap Household Furnishings doesn't hear about this.

I'd be happy to hit the futon twice a day. Although 10 mins. isn't really long enough.

I fear they're running amok in Japan.

1.86 Million JPY is only 22 Thousand USD. Still seems excessive.

Hitting the futons -- with a dust beater -- is common practice for cleaning.

From Episode 3 "The Futon Strikes Back"

A short while ago*
In a prefecture far, far away...

(*Actually, this article comes from the future!)

Richard, you just took all the romance out of this story.

Hitting the futons -- with a dust beater -- is common practice for cleaning.

More than twice a day for more than 10 minutes at a time? Now where would the futons be used more than twice a day?

See how women, while insisiting men change their ways in the workplace, refuse to modify their "rule of the roost"?

It's a blatant double standard. I hope next time they take her beater away from her. Being powerless over the dust, and hair, and dirt, and grit, slowly accumulating in those futons, bit by bit, step by dirty step, without her ability to control their cleanliness, will drive her nuts.

You don't hear women complaining about men doing too much cleaning, do you? So who's to say whose standard should prevail?

*pours bmot some sake*

Domo arigato.

*hits bonmot with a futon*

I thought if you hit our futon too often you would go blind?

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