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August 09, 2010


He's out there.

(Thanks to Matt Loper)


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The spankings will now begin...


Aww, I'm nostalgic for Jack. We were watching Flashpoint (by coincidence, also Canadian) the other night and they formed a perimeter worthy of CTU, so tight that a woman with two young girls in her car was able to drive right through it.

Happy Birthday to Judi and my mother, who is definitely a lot older.


Happy Birthday Judi!

Happy Birthday Judi!
Thanks for all you've done.
We thank you for your duty
Of keeping this blog fun.
You fix the blog when it gets broke,
(and sometimes you get mad)
But, always, you can take a joke
And *smack* us when we're bad...
For all the times that you've been fired
You're never a disgrace.
This birthday you shall be admired
as Judi: Our favorite bass <3

Happy Birthday Judi!
What nc and tf8 said.

Happy Birthday, judi!

Hope you get what you want ;)

Happy Birthday, judi!
Hope you get what you want and don't get caught. ;)

This birthday may explain why Craig Ferrrrrrguson is in Miami.

I'd like to wish s.b. the best,
in four-part harmony.
I'd like to buy judi a coke,
and keep her company.

Happy Birthday!

Maybe we should Jack after the canadiuk swan.

^add a "send"

I know what Judi wants

Got a really good gig
She can get pretty wired
But she ain't no prig
Though she's always gettin' fired
She's a barbershop ho
With an ear for music
She can sing down low
And handle an oosik

She likes dudes who are kilted
Particularly well built-ed
Likes a Scot late night talk host
Don't mess with her blog posts
Calls herself the Stealth
If you wanna keep your health
When you see her aroun'
Put your toilet seat down

*Happy Birthday, s.b.*

S.B.'s the birthday girl
Tho' sometimes she's a prig
But she keeps the blog so real
So go out and dance a jig

....preferably with a man in a kilt
Happy Birthday!

And in other 24 news, Renee had a baby.

*snork* at Meanie's 'rap'

Maybe we should Jack after the canadiuk swan.
Posted by: bonmot | August 09, 2010 at 12:12 PM

^add a "send"
Posted by: bonmot | August 09, 2010 at 12:12 PM

Maybe we should Jack after the canadiuk swans end.

Um, whatever works for you.

Happy Birthday, Judi!

You truly are slightly askew.


Happy birthday, Judi! May you not get fired for at least 24 hours. (I'm afraid that's the best we can hope for from Dave!)

Happy Birthday Judi, our grand exaulted blog Queen.


many thanks for the laughs and the drooling ;)

He is my favorite actor. He is too handsome and excellent performer. I had done a good job in 24 tv show.


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