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August 19, 2010


A Dundee bus driver has been accused of assaulting himself in the head with a rock...

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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When they x-rayed his head they didn't find anything.


A real life variation of the Monty Python "..bring out yer dead...I'm not dead yet..." sketch.

I'm never surprised at what people will do to get workers compensation pay. I've worked with several large companies doing their workers comp but I remember in particular a man that filed a claim after getting a chemical in his eye. He claimed it caused severe burning, itching, and watering even after flushing his eye for several minutes. I pulled the MSDS and found out it was surfactant. I was concerned until I found out that surfactant is a fancy name for soap. His claim was denied.

Sounds like that was self-offense.

Again, Alyzabeth, I thought the same thing!

Dumber than a box 'o rocks

Oh such a hilarious and childish act. That is his defense for himself I guess. Why would someone do that just to get money? :D I guess it is better to wait for what is owed to you... But I agree with "nursecindy" it is not a surprise anymore because life is getting tougher everyday :)

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