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August 24, 2010


Officers found Hamilton to have her pants unbuttoned with a female sex toy in her lap. She told officers she had been using the toy while driving, as well as watching a video on a computer her passenger was holding. It is not clear what the nature of that video was.

Hamilton was also found to be in possession of a broken crack pipe.

(Thanks to Kevin Conwell)


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She's quite the multitasker.

I think we can guess how she broke the pipe..

Was she on her way to Phuket?

Shirley Siouxie meant to post her 1st comment under the 'Amazing Elle the Bee-eating Dog' story

Well technically she wasn't texting while driving. I'm not sure she's eligible for a safety award though.

I for one want to know "the nature of" the video she was watching. Shoddy reportage.

Officers pulled over Colondra Hamilton for an equipment violation...
Officers found Hamilton with a female sex toy in her lap.

So she wasn't using it properly, or was the 'equipment violation' the broken crack pipe?

(Say 'Colondra Conundrum' 3xs fast...)

Mmm, officer, yes, yes, yes YES!!!!!



- Colondra Hamilton


Well. Isn't she special? Nuts too.

Officer: "Do you know how fast you were going?"

Colondra: "Going? Oh no, officer...I was coming!"

*snork* @ siouxie ;p


Siouxie, the good officer caught Colandra coming and going...

There's an app for that.

Perhaps Colondra missed her er, onramp.

Hey, at least she wasn't shaving...

What? No Florida driver's license in her future?

Don't say a thing about boys and their toys from now on. At least ours don't get stuck in unmentionable orifices...except maybe flashlights and microphones.

at least she wasn't doing anything dangerous, like texting

Note the byline: Lance Barry

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